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Eddie Davies (1914-2005)

Charles Gibson’s Workshop, 1929

From left to right: Jack Moore, Norman Wicketts, Eddie Davies, Bill Curtis and Charles Gibson Jr.

Eddie, centre of this image, was the last apprentice of Charles Gibson, the famous clubmaker and professional at Royal North Devon Golf Club.

This photograph, one year into Eddie’s five year apprenticeship, was taken in the workshop at Royal North Devon Golf Club in 1929.

Right: Eddie in his workshop 70 years later still making golf clubs.

He continued this passion until his death in 2004.

John Davies (1941-2009)

Right: John at a Heritage Golf Tournament at Turnberry Golf Club that we organised, 1998.

For the Tournament, John dressed as the famous J.H. Taylor. Taylor, born in 1871 at Northam, a mile from Royal North Devon Golf Club where he caddied as a school boy, won the Open five times. He also formed a clubmaking firm in partnership with George Cann, which had great success producing the ‘Taylor’ mashie he had made popular.

John was also co-author of the commemorative book The Royal North Devon Golf Club 1864-1989.

Born in the historic golfing location of Westward Ho!, John was a keen golfer from his earliest years.

John was assistant professional at the Royal North Devon Golf Club before beginning a career in the Army. When he retired as a commissioned officer he took the position of Secretary at RND Golf Club, and later returned to the family clubmaking business.

Shaun Davies (1965-)

As a young boy Shaun would often stay with his grandparents during school holidays, and accompany Eddie to ‘help’ in his small clubmaking workshop in Northam, or to hit a few golf balls at the practice ground of the nearby Royal North Devon Golf Club. 

And so, an early interest was kindled that led Shaun to divert a career in computing to the ancient art of clubmaking. He is photographed here in his workshop, present day.

Shaun has been clubmaking full-time for over thirty years.

For the first fourteen years Shaun worked alongside his Grandfather, Eddie, serving his ‘apprenticeship’ by learning the traditional craft of making wooden-shafted golf clubs as Eddie had done when he was apprentice to Charles Gibson over sixty years previously.

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