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Golf Classics Archive

Browse through the Golf Classics Archive below, which includes photos, videos, documents and voice clips gathered throughout our many years of history.

The Putter with a Tragic Past


I recently acquired a fairly inconspicuous hickory-shafted aluminium putter, that I have since learned has a considerably more interesting – and historically tragic – background story.

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Re-gripping a golf club


Shaun Davies is filmed carrying out a club re-gripping from start to finish in his workshop.

Interview with Eddie Davies


Shaun Davies interviews his Grandfather, Eddie, the last apprentice of the famous Musselburgh professional and clubmaker Charles Gibson.

Press play to listen to the audio clip, and click to view the transcript.

Golf Classics Apprenticeship ‘family tree’


The full Golf Classics Apprenticeship ‘family tree’. We can use this to trace our heritage back to some of the earliest Scottish clubmaking families, such as the Gourlays who began making feathery balls in Edinburgh as early as 1780.

Each line on the diagram represents an apprenticeship.

Charles Gibson


Some more photographs connected with master clubmaker and professional Charles Gibson, with whom Eddie Davies started his apprenticeship in 1928.

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